Friday, December 5, 2014

How It All Started


Actually, I wasn't going to find myself here at this time. Nor at any other time, to be honest.

I'm sure you know that saying that all the best things in life come unexpectedly? I was going to study Fashion Design in Denmark. Then in New York. Then in Paris,

I was going to follow the love of my life.

And all of the sudden, just how it usually is, I found myself far away on the north, in Edinburgh.

It's been almost 6 months since I've been here, Although it might sound really cheesy, I barely remember my life before 13th June. The place I refer to as home changed its location for about a couple hundreds of miles. The new currency ratio became quite obvious. The streets and lanes are not a maze anymore.  Lastly, the people you go for a drink with speak different language than they used to do, Plus, they are completely different people than they used to be.

And, although I really miss my dog and my friends (that orded is rather antisocial, isn't it?) coming here was the best accidental decision of my life.

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